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LiCavoli Family - Copio Construction Testimonial

The LiCavoli family talk about their personalized experience with Copio Construction. While the insurance company missed damage to their home, the LiCavoli's callied Copio Construction, who took over and found damage that was overlooked and eventually paid for by the insurance company.

We believe in supplying the best service to the greater Lake St. Louis, MO area in roof and siding repair and replacement. We believe in a strong and long-lasting roof to protect your family and business to be dependable when you need it most. We believe in sturdy and well-built siding that will keep everything together and look great all-year-round. Copio Construction puts the effort and time into our repair work for your home or business that other companies can't supply.
Copio Construction has your business or home covered, with top grade materials to repair or replace your roof or siding. We offer a wide selection of roofing materials, including: Slate & Tile, Coated Steel and Metal Roofs. Our siding services go beyond the competition with a material selection of vinyl or engineered wood, including trim work to complete every project.
The law of reaping what you sow fuels our mission to provide uncompromising service in an atmosphere of trust to create an enjoyable experience for you so we may become worthy of a referral for your family and friends. This is the mission and heartbeat of Copio Construction. Give Copio Construction a call today at (314) 400-7225 for a free inspection so we can make your home look better than before.

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