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Pastor Manning

"The insurance refused us, but in contacting Copio, they made it happen, and from the very beginning until the end they were very professional, very courteous, and they did what they had promised that they would do. From the very onset, you could feel the confidence in being able to hire them as your contractor: all the way down to the clean up, it was amazing how they handled themselves so professionally. They went above and beyond some of the things that we thought that could not be done, they went ahead and did it and when we were finished with the job it was amazing. Not one job that I've had with Copio Construction have I had any problem, whatsoever."

LiCavoli Family

"Jim met with the adjuster at the house, which was definitely what I think made the difference to help State Farm to see things our way. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen and to a wonderful surprise to us, they ended up approving the roof, not only the roof, but they found a lot of other damage that we would have never have thought of."

Adams Family

"Copio Construction's representative handled everything for me from that point on. He explained to me what my insurance benefits were, what my deductible was, all those things that frankly, I never had to experience before. They made it quite easy for me. It was a good experience, I spoke to the owner of the company, he came out and sat down with me and explained to me again what to expect from the insurance company, what to expect from them, exactly how they would handle our manor, so I was very comfortable signing a contract with them. I was pretty impressed with them; they kept their word. They showed up on the day they said they they were going to show up."

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